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Mika’s Quest for the Lost Artifact

Mika’s Quest for the Lost Artifact

Mika’s Quest is an enchanting children’s adventure book that takes young readers on a thrilling journey through San Francisco. Join Mika, a curious and courageous protagonist, and her loyal unicorn companion, Polo, as they embark on a quest filled with history, exploration, and magical surprises. This captivating story celebrates cultural diversity, with an Asian protagonist who inspires young readers to embrace their own heritage. Through engaging illustrations and educational themes, Mika’s Quest sparks imagination, empowers young minds, and delivers positive messages. Perfect for children ages 6-9, this captivating tale combines fantasy and educational elements to create an unforgettable reading experience. Discover the magic of Mika’s Quest today!

“Throughout, the author weaves engaging facts about San Francisco and its history into a compelling adventure. Soylu’s painterly cartoon illustrations are colorful and whimsical, with a sassy protagonist and an adorable unicorn.”

- Kirkus Reviews, a professional book review publication

“Mika’s Quest for the Lost Artifact by Cat Fan is a fun, playful adventure that any inquiring mind will enjoy reading. The illustrations are attractive, showing the escapades of the young Mika beautifully. Who does not love a unicorn? I especially enjoyed looking at the colorful and detailed depictions of the historical buildings. The dialogue is easy to follow, especially as Mika deciphers the meaning of each clue she successfully uncovers along the way.”

- Readers' Favorite, a book review website

“Mika’s Quest for the Lost Artifact is a fun and educational illustrated chapter book, with an adorable protagonist Mika, and a cute sidekick, Polo. This book is a great concept, where the history and culture of a real city is revealed through solving cryptic clues. Children will be engaged and entertained, as they help Mika and Polo solve the clues, and at the same time learn about the city of San Francisco. Wonderful, digital artwork by Caner Soylu, bring the story and characters to life beautifully.”

- Readers' Choice Book Awards, a book award organization