Author Visits

Author visiting classroomsInspiring Imagination with Mika’s Quest

Welcome to Mika’s Quest! Join author Cat Fan on an exciting journey of imagination and inspiration. Cat offers engaging author visits for schools and classrooms, including schoolwide events, library storytimes, online visits, and speaking arrangements. These visits provide a wide range of benefits for students, educators, and the learning environment.

During the author visits, Cat offers additional options to further enhance the experience for students. One of the highlights is the captivating ‘Opalite Wish Circle,’ a magical moment for students to reflect on their dreams and aspirations. This activity encourages them to tap into their inner strength, embrace the power of imagination, and continue their personal quests of self-discovery.

Another thrilling option is the Mika’s Quest-themed scavenger hunts, which take students on an adventure around the school. Aligned with the spirit of Mika’s Quest, these scavenger hunts engage students, encourage outdoor exploration, and promote teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Through these immersive experiences, Cat’s author visits foster a love for reading, ignite imaginations, and create lasting memories for students. Let your students embark on their own quests of discovery and join the Mika’s Quest adventure with Cat Fan, an experienced author dedicated to inspiring young minds.

To inquire and learn more about author visits and additional options, please visit the Contacts page.